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Q. I have a design in mind, can you produce this for me?

A. If you have a design in mind and the drawing or example can be emailed to us please send your designs to where we will assess the design to see if can be worked with.

If your design is an amalgamation of ideas you have seen again, contact us either by the email address above or by phone to discuss further. If the design is from another company/designer, we have a strict policy whereby we will not copy a design as it is against our working ethos.



Q. How does your bespoke service work?

A. Initially a free consultation between yourself and a Paper CutYour designer occurs to establish core details about how you envisage your stationery to look. Based on these details a personal quotation is calculated and sent to you.

Once you are happy with the quote an invoice will be raised for the Bespoke Design Fee. When paid we will commence work on the creation of your bespoke stationery. Proofs will be sent to you via PDFs, and once feedback and amendments have been processed to a polished version, a physical sample in the colours you have chosen will be made and sent to you for your final approval.

All being well and you are happy with your physical version we will raise another invoice requesting the 50% non-refundable deposit. Once paid work will commence on your full order. The oustanding balance must be paid once the full order is ready to be delivered.

If reception decor is also ordered, the process is the same however the outstanding balance for this order must be paid three weeks before the date of your wedding.

Please note that for any quotes sent at the initial stage where no concept of the actual design has been provided, prices may decrease or increase depending on the final design. We do try to be as accurate as possible when quoting so most often the prices will not stray too far from the quoted amount.



Q. What is the Bespoke Design Fee?

A. The Bespoke Design fee is a once off fee of €100 to cover the cost of a dedicated designer working on the inital design draft. It also covers the cost of producing and delivering the physical copy of the design.



Q. Can you print in different languages?

A. Printing in different languages is not a problem. We request that your wording is sent to us in a Microsoft Word document with all the wording in the right structure and layout you require. We do not accept responsibility for any spelling or grammatical errors made.

The only limitation is that limited typeface options may be available in the language you need printed.



Q. Can I send you my own wording for my invitations? Can you provide suggestions for alternative wording?

A. Yes you can, and yes we can. We have sample wording to help but we encourage you to provide us with your own personal wording.



Q. I have a typeface which I like, can you use the typeface I prefer?

A. We have a large library of typefaces so please let us know the name of the typeface you have in mind as in most cases it is one we already have. If on the rare occasion we do not have the one you have requested and it is a typeface that requires payment for its license, we will confirm with you the cost and add it to your final invoice.



Q. How do I provide my wording to you?

A. All wording must be provided in a Microsoft Word document and sent to Paper CutYour by email to If you do not have this programme then within a body of an email is fine. Please ensure to check nothing is missing from your text, all spellings are correct and that any important information such as addresses and telephone numbers are accurate. We do not accept responsibility for any spelling or grammatical errors made in the text provided by you.



Q. Will I see proofs of my wording before you produce my stationery?

A. Yes, all wording proofs will be designed and sent to you as PDFs for your approval. Once any amendments have been made and final approval sought will we proceed with your order.



Q. Does the Place Card price include the printing of our guests’ names? If not, can you print my guest names on place cards?

A. All our Place Cards are supplied blank as standard. We can print your guests’ names on the place cards you order but we do charge for the customisation service. Please note that if your place cards are a darker tone then we will not print on them and suggest that the guests' names are hand-written onto the place cards.


Bespoke Wedding Service

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