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Q. Do you have a minimum order quantity?

A. The minimum order for invitations is 30; however we do cater for smaller quantities. This does carry a surcharge on each stationery component ordered. If you were to order a package involving 3 or more components such as reply cards, place cards, table plans etc. we would evaluate if the surcharge would apply based on the whole package and its quantities.



Q. Can I change the colour of my stationery including the envelopes?

A. You can indeed. Paper CutYour offers a range of different card types and colours and hundreds of ribbon colours. Your invitation exterior, inserts and envelopse can all be different colours along with the ribbon (if applicable).



Q. Can I order just Place Cards, or a Table Plan from you?

A. You can order any item individually from Paper CutYour.



Q. I would like to order all my stationery now, however I will not know the finer details until closer to my wedding day.

A. We can appreciate that you may not know your final menu choices or know which guest is seated at a particular table at the point of ordering your invitations. This is why there is a two part process when package orders are made. Initially we will only concentrate on your Invitations, once these have been completed we will put together a schedule for you for all your reception stationery items.



Q. Can you print my guest names on inserts and names and addresses on envelopes?

A. Yes we can. This is an additional services that Paper CutYour offers to personalise the items for you.



Q. What does the price of the invitation include?

A. All invitations include the intricate cut detail card and a blank envelope.



Q. Can we customise the front of the invitations and/or our stationery with our names, initials and/or wedding date?

A. Yes you can, however if the original design requires extensive modification to include these details, the design fee may increase. Any additional charges such as these will be communicated before an order is placed or work carried out.



Q. I like two designs is there a possibility of combining the two?

A. You certainly can, and this is why no one piece of stationery ordered by any of our clients has ever been the same. Contact us to discuss this further so we can understand your requirements.  



Q. What do we do if we run out of invitations?

A. We always encourage ordering more invites than you need to be on the safe side. This is to cater for spelling mistakes when writing the invitations, or any last minute additions to the guest list. Generally we recommend ordering an extra 5%.



Q. Can I reduce or increase my numbers after an order has been placed?

A. Unfortunately, once an order has been placed and your 50% non-refundable deposit paid we cannot reduce your quantities as your cardstock would have been ordered. If after placing your order and paying your 50% non-refundable deposit you wish to increase your quantities you can. However, as your cardstock would have been ordered, the additional items will be treated as a new order and may fall below our minimum quantity order. Therefore, the additional items may be subject to a surcharge for being under our minimum quantity.



Q. I need to cancel my order due to personal reasons, what happens to my order?

A. If your stationery has been made and sent to you unfortunately we do not accept returns unless the items are damaged or faulty. If you cancel your order before the completion of your stationery we will try our best to help, and will refund 50% of any items that have not been made up until this point. Please note that if the 50% non-refundable deposit paid initially does not cover the costs of the stationery already made, the difference in the balance will be requested.


Wedding Stationery Orders

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